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October 19, 2011 / charityprofiles

The Advocacy of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America



When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, family members are faced with the responsibility of caring for a person as he or she eventually loses all memory, sense of judgment, communication skills, complex motor skills and other intellectual function. This can be quite a burden, which is why family members opt to place an Alzheimer’s patient in a special facility. Still, most of these facilities are not equipped with proper resources and trained staff to handle the needs of the patient.

Recognizing this problem, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America was created to provide optimal care and services to individuals diagnosed with dementia. It is a non-profit organization which raises public awareness, lends expertise to healthcare providers and provides grants to other organizations to improve local services. What makes this organization special is that it helps not only caregivers but also family members adjust to the patient’s needs, teaching them how to care for their loved ones properly.

Today, AFA has more than 1,600 member organizations in the United States, all dedicated to improve the quality of life of an Alzheimer’s patient. Under AFA’s leadership, these organizations collaborate to spread awareness, gather resources and develop fundraising campaigns to alleviate the stigma of the disease.

The organization has held a number of events to promote their advocacy and allow others to take part in it as well. On September 25, AFA sponsored the National Brain Game Challenge to call people’s attention regarding the increasing rate of Alzheimer’s disease while raising funds for its current programs.  These events are also a way for the AFA to build partnerships with other organizations and institutions. Without their partners, the organization will not reach its level of success today.

Private individuals can also become AFA’s partners in spreading awareness regarding Alzheimer’s and other related diseases. There are three ways to make a donation: online, by phone, or mail. You can also form a small group of contributors at your local community or workplace to raise significant amounts.


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