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October 23, 2011 / charityprofiles

Children’s Health Fund: 24 Years of Protecting Disadvantaged Children

In 1987, deprived children of New York were introduced to the “big blue van.”  It was a state-of-the-art mobile medical clinic, bringing these children the medical assistance not readily available to them. It was also the first program of the Children’s Health Fund (CHF), a young organization dedicated to providing health care to the nation’s most medically underprivileged children. Today, almost a quarter of a century later, CHF has brought the big blue van across America, helping countless of children each day.

CHF was founded by singer and songwriter Paul Simon and pediatrician/child advocate, Irwin Redlener, MD. Together, they built a national network that offers a medical home to children in deprived areas in both urban and rural communities. These medical homes give children accessible, comprehensive and culturally competent medical care which, through their own means, is not attainable.

CHF is also affiliated with major hospitals and community health centers. As of today, they deliver health care via mobile medical clinics, school-based clinics and shelter-based clinics. Since its inception, CHF has helped over 200,000 children in some of the most impoverished areas.

CHFBecause of its advocacy, CHF has earned the support of select Hollywood celebrities, such as Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Lopez.  Every year, these celebrities and other political elites take turns in participating in the Black Tie International, CHF’s annual fund benefit. Bette Middler, a long-time friend of Simon, graced this year’s event with a rare performance.

CHF is also working together with the government to address concerns regarding transportation barriers to health care. They have conducted independent studies concerning the health care situation of America and, over the years, worked hand-in-hand with federal states to improve it.

CHF is accepting donations from corporations, foundations as well as individuals. You can set up a payroll deduction campaign in your workplace to encourage employees to participate in their advocacy. Meanwhile, CHF’s online donation programs allow individuals to extend their help on a monthly or one-time basis.


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