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November 21, 2011 / charityprofiles

Helping Thousands Recover From Nature’s Wrath

On May 22, 2011, a category five tornado destroyed a large portion of the sizeable Missouri town of Joplin. Over 160 people were killed and over two billion dollars’ worth of damage was wreaked.

In the months that have followed this catastrophic event, many different entities of all stripes have been on the scene in Joplin, assisting non-stop with the monumental task of rebuilding both this city’s structures and its lives. Following are some of the ongoing charitable efforts that continue to benefit Joplin:

The University of Missouri is selling at shirts that acknowledge Joplin’s spirit in the wake of its devastation. All proceeds from shirt sales are funnelled through Missouri United Way to the relief effort in Joplin.

One of America’s oldest and most-trusted relief organizations — Salvation Army–is handling donations toward the cause through its Kansas City, Missouri office. SA’s website enables donors to specify that their donation is intended to benefit Joplin’s disaster relief.

The American Red Cross The Red Cross continues to assist those affected by the Joplin tornado. Though a storm may be months past, convalescence is a slow and enduring process, and ARC sees that job through for the citizens of Joplin that need them.

Through the assistance of the above organizations — and others — Joplin continues to receive the assistance it needs to get back on its proverbial feet.


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