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November 25, 2011 / charityprofiles

Where The Kids Hit Home Runs On And Off The Field

Over the past forty or so years, the game of baseball has witnessed a substantial decline in popularity among inner-city communities all across America. But in San Francisco and its surroundings, Major League Baseball’s 2010 World Series Champions, the Giants, have been working to reverse that decline for nearly twenty years.

Founded in 1994, San Francisco’s Junior Giants program has brought the game of baseball to thousands of boys and girls located in cities and towns throughout northern California, Nevada and Oregon. Its free programs furnish the sport’s necessities, like equipment and uniforms, to kids that would not otherwise be able to afford such luxuries.

Besides facilitating playing the game, the Junior Giants strives to instill the following character traits among its participants: confidence, integrity, leadership and teamwork. The program’s presence is making a difference among at-risk youth, providing a constructive activity that counters the presence of gangs and drugs in those kids’ communities.

One of the coolest things about the Junior Giants program is the opportunity it provides for participants to attend, for free, a regular season San Francisco Giants baseball game, at AT&T Park in downtown San Francisco. It gives kids the chance to witness, first-hand, the thrill of exciting baseball action in the formidable presence of 40,000 baseball fans.

Helping out  the Junior Giants can be as simple as donating equipment, like gloves and bats, or volunteering to coach for the kids in your neighborhood. Folks that are interested can sponsor either a single player or an entire team.

The Junior Giants program is helping to carry on the Giants franchise’s championship tradition in the western United States. The champions that it produces off the field are a testament to the power of professional sports’ ability to make a difference in the lives of kids that simply need a positive influence in their lives.

Junior Giants “speak out against violence”


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