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November 27, 2011 / charityprofiles

A Shelter From The Chaos

It’s an issue very few ever want to discuss, but it exists nonetheless. Just as is the case in every city and town, some women and children in Kansas City sadly face a threat of violence in the worst possible location: their own homes. Thankfully, since 1983, Hope House has provided a shelter against such danger for thousands of women and children throughout the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Hope House’s current facilities can fully accommodate well over a hundred women and children at any one time, in its two secured locations (Independence and Lees Summit, Missouri). Over the years, the shelter has partnered with both local legal jurisdictions and local law enforcement agencies, in order to strengthen the metro area’s stance against violent abuse in the home.

Although Hope House continues to receive funding from federal government non-profit sources, the current severe economic downturn has completely severed the shelter from the flow of both state and local resources. Hope House currently relies on local foundations and public donations for about a third of its operating revenue, and it welcomes virtually all manners of charitable contributions— including volunteering, goods in-kind and cash.

As American society continues to progress away from many of the cultural failings of the past (like domestic violence), the hope remains that the number of women and children needing to escape a family aggressor will one day diminish to zero. But until that day arrives, the Hope House remains firmly in place, providing a shelter from the chaos.


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