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January 20, 2012 / charityprofiles

Building Potentials with the Cheryl Cole Foundation

Pop and R&B sensation Cheryl Cole wants people to know that she cares. To those who believe they are nothing, the Cheryl Cole Foundation will help them get right back on track. She sees potential in the youth, and for such potential to bloom, a support system is needed.

Now at 28 years old, Cheryl looks back to her growing up years and uses those experiences to create a channel through which her foundation can extend help for similar cases. Acquired talents will be honed, new skills will be introduced, and confidence will be improved so that the youth can make a good future out of the struggles they are experiencing.

Primarily, Cheryl will go hand in hand with The Prince’s Trust to work with 13-30 year olds who struggle with issues with themselves, with education, or even with the law. Later on, Cheryl is setting sight on a wider coverage in UK and is open to collaborations with other charities.

For Cole, doing charity work is much like entertaining. Through both, she will be able to uplift people’s lives in her own way.


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