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January 20, 2012 / charityprofiles

Passion and Honor in Philanthropy

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is synonymous to computers and philanthropy. Being the richest man alive since 1995, he has consistently topped the list, and has found good use for it. His philanthropy might have caused him the so-called claim to fame these days, as titled by a Reuters article, but his intention alongside his wife’s is to give others a chance to lead better lives.

“All lives have equal value,” as their banner suggests, is the belief that their foundation stands for. As a big thinker, his achievements have brought about change – not only in the lives of the privileged, but also among those that need uplifting.  To maintain a sense of direction while handling the foundation and meeting its goals, the foundation’s 15 guiding principles remind the couple of why they do what they do.

Gates allocates fifty percent of the funds to the needs for combating global health problems, while twenty-five percent focuses on development projects for poor communities. The other twenty-five percent is for the public education system in the United States.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest one to date in the US. So far, the couple’s generosity has amounted to $28 billion, and subsequently, they’re encouraging fellow billionaires to take part in The Giving Pledge.

The pledge, which the couple also started with business magnate Warren Buffett , calls on the wealthiest people to commit to philanthropy a part – or most preferably a large chunk of it – of their wealth once they die, or even while they are still alive. Hopefully, this dramatic influence will open new doors and encourage more to partake in this selflessness.

Anyone could have their own interpretation of the most gratifying job on earth, and for Bill Gates, it is in philanthropy that he finds passion and honor to be of best use to the world.


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