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January 26, 2012 / charityprofiles

Knocking Out Poverty in Sarangani and Beyond

He is a living legend. He has captured eight world titles in the same number of weight classes. He is arguably the world’s best boxer of all time. He is Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

When outside the boxing ring, he is Honorable Emmanuel D. Pacquiao. He represents the lone Congressional District of Sarangani Province in the Philippines’ House of Representatives. He is using his charisma and influence to forge alliances and formulate laws to help his countrymen.

Pacman was also a victim of poverty. He started as a pan de sal (hot morning bun) and fish vendor. He practices in a gym in the Philippines city of General Santos where he punched a sand bag. His big break in boxing started when he was discovered in a “Boxing at the Park.”

In order to return the blessings he received, Pacman founded “The Manny Pacquiao Foundation” where he is the Chairman of the Board. It is a US-based foundation aimed at supporting, and transforming health, education, and the overall social well-being of the poor communities in the Philippines and Filipino-American communities in the US.

Pacman is on a 2-year fundraising campaign to support his charity work. His campaign is dubbed as “Poverty in Paradise.” Joined by other businessmen philanthropists, every dime raised by the Foundation will be used to feed and support impoverished communities, especially those that are susceptible to terrorist acts such as his hometown in Sarangani. His Foundation is in partnership with SF Giants in this endeavor.

When the fundraising campaign becomes successful, the Foundation aims to fund the following:

  • Incentive Scholarship for the families of amateur and professional boxers in financial difficulty, especially those who are interested to finish higher education in a reputable university in the Philippines or the US.
  • Merit Scholarship for is for the family of amateur and professional boxers in financial difficulty, provided they perform well in the first three years of specialized studies in their chosen field by achieving a minimum grade point average of 3.0.
  • Community Education Grant is available for both individuals and educational organizations. The eligible individual should be of Filipino descent and wants to pursue higher education. The educational organization may be Philippine-based or US-based that provides accessible educational programs to Filipino-American communities.
  • Medical Mission Grant is provided for individuals and organizations engaged in medical missions in the Philippines, provided the programs of such individuals or organizations have educational components.
  • Foundation Fellowship is given to post-doctoral or health care professionals. For the post-doctoral recipients, they should be engaged in education, arts, music or sports. For health care professionals, they should pursue full-time or part-time medical missions with educational component.

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