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February 8, 2012 / charityprofiles

The Legacy of the Princess

Although she belonged to the royal family of Wales, Princess Diana was personally involved with her charity works. She has worked tirelessly to help solve the problems of homelessness, disability, and the spread of HIV and AIDS.

After her divorce with Prince Charles in 1996, Princess Diana dedicated much of her time to her “pet” charities. While opposing the manufacture and use of landmines, Princess Diana helped raise funds for the victims of landmine explosions, especially children.

Centrepoint Soho was one of her favorite charity works, which aims to provide educational support to homeless youths. The Princess was also a supporter of The Leprosy Mission, an organization that endeavors not only to cure leprosy but to provide education, resources and other support for those afflicted with leprosy.

The Princess was also active in supporting the International Red Cross, more especially with regards to efforts ending the proliferation of landmines. She also helped the National AIDS Trust to provide education, and research to help find cure for HIV and AIDS.

Some of her other charity works included support for the Great Ormond St Hospital, a hospital that trains doctors to specialize in children’s diseases; and the Royal Marsden NHS Trust, which is dedicated in treatment of cancer.


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