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February 23, 2012 / charityprofiles

Protecting African Wilderness, Together with the People of Africa

Africa is best known for its untouched, raw beauty. The continent’s wilderness is its best asset; its diversity is unparalleled, with animals living in coexistence with the other. However, because of modernization and human folly, many creatures in the African wilderness are now in danger.

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is an organization that works against the destruction of this land. Together with the people of Africa, the group ensures that the beauty of the land will live on forever. They also share their belief that the country’s vast landscape is the key to its future, thus it is vital to keep the wildlife protected to make certain Africa’s prosperity.

Established on March 20, 1961, the AWF’s first project was to establish the College of African Wildlife Management in Tanzania. Their first step is proof of the organization’s long-term goal: educating the people of Africa to make them stewards of their own land. In 1965, the first batch of graduates proceeded to take part in the active movement on preserving the African wildlife.

In fifty years, the organization grew from one batch of graduates to a whole country working together towards one goal. Their declaration, “together with the people of Africa”, is both a promise and a philosophy that has been the center of their philosophy ever since. The AWF empowers the people by developing conservation enterprises which can benefit local communities, providing education and training to young African scientists or conservationists, and tapping the government to shape conservation policy.

Last year, the African Wildlife Foundation celebrated 50 years of success as stewards of Africa’s natural wildlife.  People outside the continent have also become aware of their mission because of the organization’s unwavering philosophy. Thanks to their efforts, Africa is still a protected region where people and animals can coexist with one another.


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