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March 2, 2012 / charityprofiles

The Real “Show” Outside The Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen Degeneres is known to make her audience laugh, cry and dance. Only a few people knew she had a great heart for people, animals, education and peace.

The host of The Ellen Degeneres Show is known for her charitable works. Recently, she hosted a charity event on eBay where she auctioned the clothing she wore on the show and in many award shows she attended. The proceeds of the event all went to The Humane Society.

Degeneres is also known for spending time, money and effort in other charities like Project Cuddle, Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Peace Games, the Red Cross, Clothes Off Our Back, Artists Against Racism, and The Susan G. Komen Foundation, among others.

With actor Ben Affleck, Degeneres launched the “Small Change Campaign.” The event was in support of Second Harvest (now known as Feeding America). Feeding America distributes grocery products and food to fight hunger and increase domestic awareness of its evil effects. The network also advocates policies for fighting hunger in America.


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